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 Host of Breakthrough Vibrations

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"I provide music that boost your energy, improves your mood and soothes your soul"


Velanda is a psychotherapist and owner of Breakthrough to Wellness Clinical Services with over 20 years of experience working with individuals and families in various social services capacities. Since the start off her company, she has grown her unique style of dealing with mental health into a suite of programs. Velanda has been featured as an expert keynote speaker of mental health on 89.9 WQTQ radio and on 91.7 WHUS radio.


Bringing forward her love of music, Velanda has joined Power Muzic Radio as a radio personality and host of Breakthrough Vibrations.

Velanda’s desire is to bring to Power Muzic listeners R&B, with a little gospel experience to make you dance like no one is watching, sing until your throat is sore and uncontrollably tap your feet while elevating your mood, motivation, and overall wellbeing.

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